Some bugfixes have been made to make website more stable and prevent crashes. Log in with social networks has been fixed. More anime and episodes are comming in the next week.
Some security updates were made.
There has been a big server update. If you experience some issues try to do a force refresh to clear your cache (Ctrl + Shift + R) and if that doesn't help, you can contact us through our feedback section.
History has been added for logged users so you now can see where you left off. Also our server has beed upgraded so no more crashes\(^▽^)/, unfortunately anime movies are not yet available.
Up again.
Website is up again. Subbed episodes are now available. Unfortunately, we've lost a lot of content but more anime will be added in the following days. Movies are not yet available.
Some minor changes to UI.
Big Update.
During this month the website has been rewritten to make it a single page application, so in the last 3 days we had to run some tests and because of that you might have encountered some crashes or bugs but now its pretty stable. Also its recommended to clear your browser cache if you encounter any issue.